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Healthy Prawns Pasta dish 🍤♥️ala FinFit 😋

For all my Prawns food lovers 🍤♥️

You will need:

Gluten free pasta (I used chickpea fusilli) 🍝

Fresh/Frozen Raw Large King Prawns 🍤

Mushrooms 🍄

Red or Green Pepper 🫑

Spring onion 🧅

Cherry tomatoes 🍅

Tomato Purée


Garlic 🧄

Fresh Chilli 🌶️

Fresh chopped Parsley 🌿

Lemon 🍋

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Enjoy my photo recipe step by step 👇

Enjoy this very Quick, easy & healthy recipe🍤💓😋

Bon Appetite 💪🏼

Jana x

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