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Wild vs. Farmed Salmon 🍣

Does it matter whether salmon is farmed or is caught in the wild?

Yes it does! If you don't have time to read on, eat wild salmon guys! 🍣🐟Farmed salmon could be the most toxic #food ever produced! ❌This fatty fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which most #people don’t get enough of.

However, not all salmon is created equal.

Today, much of the salmon you buy isn’t caught in the wild, but bred in fish farms.

The majority of UK #salmon comes from farms. The remainder is wild-caught, and that makes it very, #very important to know exactly what the difference is when you're shopping for your #family. You can buy wild Salmon in Waitrose or M&S #🇬🇧 #uk



Clearly, nutritional differences between wild and #farmed salmon can be significant.


Wild salmon are good for you. They feed on oily fish, like herring, making them rich in Omega-3s – an essential fatty acid – and #vitaminD. There is solid evidence eating salmon is #good for your #heart.

Farmed salmon also eat wild fish, ground up and compressed into food pellets. However, these pellets are soaked with fish oil causing farmed salmon to be much fatter than wild salmon. You can recognize #farmed salmon by the solid white bars of fat that streak through the flesh of farmed salmon. #Fish tend to ingest potentially #harmful contaminants from the #water they #swim in and the #foods they #eat. Many toxins bind to fat, so the more fat in a product the greater the potential for bioaccumulated #toxins. Some of these contaminants include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins and several chlorinated pesticides.

Arguably the most #dangerous pollutant found in salmon is PCB, which is strongly associated with #cancer and #various other #health #problems.

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1 Comment

Great article Jana! I’d like to add that the farmed fish contain high levels of Omega 6 which are pro inflammatory to humans and we only need Omega 6 in small amounts. Taking a high quality fish oil rich in Omega 3 can help counteract the balance of fatty acids. It’s dreadful to think that our fish farmers choose to use cheap pro inflammatory foods to feed the fish which in turn causes humans poor health and chronic inflammation!! Stick to wild 🤩

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